WORLD OF METAL - The Story Begins
The Telephone ....    I hear it .. I'm still dreaming but I can hear it...
It Makes me wake up. Come back from the dream ... This is some relief, the world there was so real and quite not pleasant at all... It was a kind of mythologic world just like a near future in becoming. The plot was bad, at least 3 people were dead, another one was dying while I was trying to reach for some help... The medics and police enquirers couldn't help... The mystery was deep... I had to run in the city to find them. My friend was hurt. He later died for me failing to come with help. But what kind of help would have helped. That I don't know. All I could get was some cold and materialistic support from a team of 3 weird and clean medics, black young men in grey suits and white dress, and a pool of police investigators, kind of real secret servicemen of a paranoiac kind. Technocratic survivors. The other people were moving slowly, not interfering. We followed a madly escaping fox gal in the inner city. She behaved like a machine gone humanely crazy. We were there drinking tech coffee in a catering room. Trying to figure out what was on. We couldn't, the mystery was deep.  

Gathering all the clues I can  before they leak from my mind may help me find out the key of the mystery.

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Dominique HOCHEREAU - 2000